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grasping training, mentioning skills, promote development - professor liu tongsheng lecturing
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      to further enhance the company's employee quality awareness and skill levels, chemical equipment manufacturing company quality management department recently organized a metallic material, welding and corrosion knowledge training. all quality inspector, workshop technicians, anti-
rot squad, technology, production preparation department and the department of materials business-related personnel to participate.
       invited professor liu tongsheng nanjing university to teach. professor liu tongsheng with the current business the actual situation, the use of case studies and interactive means of communication, the risk from the use of high-strength steel existence , and to avoid the occurrence of hot and cold weld cracks, good protection of steel structures (corrosion) three aspects of the deep out into the light of the explanation.
        stickers and practical training for frontline staff play a good role in guiding. previously, professor liu made extensive training preparations in advance to the company site visits, encountered during the construction process for employees to sort out the problem, summarize, induction, training employees to ensure awareness of the problem in terms of ideology, in the construction of over process, strict quality control, focus on product quality, so that the true sense of the quality of development.


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