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company marketing system and business organizations bidding process quotes training
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on october 31th afternoon, the company markets jointly steel pressure vessel of the market, the center organized a tender bidding process and the commercial offer training. training held in the company conference room, three departments were more than 20 people attended the training.
 the training invite deng steel marketing center chengwan yun manager and manager were bidding for the tender offer lectures and business processes quote aspects related knowledge. deng manager system to explain a variety of tender bidding process and as we detailed interpretation of the new version of the "people's republic of bidding implementing regulations", so that everyone on the whole bidding process with a comprehensive understanding of mind often pregnant legal awareness within the scope permitted by law to use a variety of flexible bidding techniques. chengwan yun manager of "chongqing jiangbei international airport steel tender documents" as an example describes the theory and practice of how to interpret the tender documents, how to make a business offer, the boring expertise vivid presence instilled every audience.
after the training, we have said that through this training, their operational capacity has been significantly improved, and hope to have the opportunity to participate in similar business training.

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