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fourteenth provincial games main stadium project
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fourteenth provincial games main stadium project by a three museum and outdoor projects, of which the stadium bit on the south side of the base, the size of about 40,000, with a total construction area of 84,834 square meters. three hall gfa (and size) namely: sports 27,391 square meters (about 6000), a comprehensive sports hall 12,600 square meters (about 1000), tour swimming and diving hall of 33,641 square meters (about 2000). the overall design of the project through the "ribbon" theme, highlighting the natural flow of the gulf in general planning; stadium with "sea shell" for the concept of "conch" for the mother. architectural form is simple and pure; gymnasium, comprehensive sports hall, swimming and diving hall, three hall series, shaped like three-piece white shells, freedom scattered on the beach, reflecting the gulf city-specific architectural style, is the perfect combination of architecture and art.

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